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Web Skills for Professionals

One of the objectives for AMHA-USA is to support development of mental health professionals' skills as Internet communicators.  Each professional member of AMHA has personal control over their own professional listing which appears on several interlocking web sites.

Since 1998, AMHA members have studied how the public searches for mental health information on the Internet. The interlocking sites design created for AMHA is, in part, a result of that research. AMHA has a partnership in web presence with a programming and design team that is creating the newest kind of dynamic web page.

The Enhanced Pages and Enhanced Web Sites available to AMHA members represent the leading edge in simplified web presence for people who are not necessarily able web site designers.

Here we offer lessons to guide new and current professional members of AMHA into the construction and use of these dynamic, simple pages.

Lesson Four

Adding External Links to take your page-viewing audience where you would like them to go:

To start Click on:  EXPAND MY WEB PAGE 

On the left of the page, below the Content outline pulldown, are the numbers of the items which appear on or link to your page.

Then, below, an un-used number, with a blank space and further to the right a pull-down menu which has “contact info” at the top.

Steps to create an External Link:

  1. Decide where on the internet you want to direct your viewer. Perhaps a personal web page or an article you value?  Get the “URL” (web address) of that exact page.
  2. Choose “External Link” on the pull-down menu. This will create an external link item on your page.
  3. Open the new item by clicking on the “magnifying glass” icon; an administration panel for your new external link will open.
  4. Put the full URL for the page you want the viewer to find in the top space on that panel.
  5. Put the text you want the viewer to see on your page in the space by ”Text for Link:”
  6. The next sections are “Alignment, Size and Type” … you have choices about how the link text will appear on your page. If you are not savvy about what you want, make no changes.
  7. The Redirect Automatically choice should not be changed … if you do, your page will disappear … this choice is only used on AMHA web sites, not web pages.
  8. Next, you can put a description of the link, which will appear when the viewer “hovers” on the link.
  9. Or, alternately you can put a paragraph above, or below your new External link which explains why you want your viewer to click on it. (See Lessons Five and Six).
  10. You can choose the date you want your External Link to become visible, and the date you want it to turn off.
  11. Finally, turn your External Link to “on” (Even if you don’t want it to begin to display until a later date) and SAVE CHANGES.


Lesson 5

Creating Paragraphs

Lesson 6

Changing the order of Items on your page