AMHA-USA Supports These Principles:

  • People have the right to choose their own therapists.

  • Psychotherapy is a collaborative process between therapist and client in service of the client.

  • Therapists shall preserve client confidentiality.

  • Mental health professionals shall create an interdisciplinary community that promotes and supports competent and ethical practice.



National Multi-disciplinary Not-For-Profit Collaborative Practice Development  plus chapter and marketing group sites:


Permit each AMHA member to enter and manage professional practice information of all types including professional pictures;


Allow AMHA members to market their services together for specific populations or specialties;


Support AMHA chapters to present projects, activities and consumer information;


Permit each AMHA member and chapter to publish articles, advice about groups, workshops, trainings, books, etc.;


Offer video and audio broadcast capability;


Offer information resources for the public and professionals;


AMHA members can point personal or special project domain names at pages within AMHA sites, increasing visibility and marketing impact.


There are more than 50 nested AMHA sites – with more possible, for each state, for marketing projects and for membership information.


All AMHA sites share the national TherapistLocator database – and link to referral systems and continuous advertising.


AMHA members can purchase personal websites --cross-link to all their web pages and expand their personal web presence.


Ethical Practice 

We respect the skills and integrity of our member-professionals.


We support professional freedom to practice in ways that are appropriate and effective.


We share strategies for collaborative marketing in AMHA professional communities.


Join Us 

AMHA is the only multi-disciplinary organization offering professional members support to earn income.


We offer peer support, a website to present and advertise members’ practices and a nation-wide cooperative marketing strategy. 


Becoming a member of AMHA can restore the satisfaction and fulfillment that brought you into your profession!




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Portland, OR 97208