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Our Vision

Psychotherapists of all disciplines collaborating to create healthy alternatives for mental-health care delivery, alternatives which support clients' right to choose and to maintain privacy. These alternatives include direct marketing to the public, fee-for-service arrangements, and "Connecting Care" with physician groups.


AMHA-USA members and chapters share development and marketing expenses so that our values and our professional skills become widely known. AMHA-USA and its chapters hire and direct administrative, marketing and technology staff. AMHA-USA and its chapters use and additional interconnected sites and domains to market the services and intellectual products of members, and to develop, market and serve ethical contracts.

Quality Assurance

AMHA supports quality of treatment through Enrollment of licensed professionals. Involvement of member-professionals in peer consultation; Ongoing professional education; Availability of specialist peer consultants.

Chapter Guidelines
Basic expectations for the development of local, regional, state AMHA chapters

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