AMHA-USA is a national community of psychotherapists organized to protect clients and to preserve the profession.

Rewriting the Future of Mental Health Services

Create Professional Community, support client privacy, preserve psychotherapy.

AMHA-USA is multidisciplinary - all mental health professionals licensed or certified for independent practice may join our practice visibility programs. We offer non-marketing participation to students, residents, interns and professionals who support our purposes but who choose not to participate in professional visibility projects and programs.

AMHA-USA is not for profit. AMHA state and local area chapters can and do organize as cooperative professional groups under the laws of each state.

Our Objectives

Create a professional community of members who provide mental health treatment, psychotherapy and counseling of the highest quality and ethical standards. Support therapists in independent practice by assisting them in cooperative marketing and by providing expertise on relevant current issues. Offer mental-health and substance-abuse services free from the constraints often imposed by for-profit "managed" programs. Support education, supervision, and research opportunities for members. Oppose legislation and regulations that invade patent privacy and confidentiality. Form alliances with groups that advocate or litigate for ethical mental health treatment and patient privacy. Build a national network of psychotherapists communicating and cooperating in these objectives. Create public and professional awareness about our vision of quality mental-health care. How will we accomplish this? By creating a healthy process and structure for our organization, setting realistic targets and growing at a rate our cooperative efforts can sustain.

The Mission of The American Mental Health Alliance-USA is to support and market competent, ethical mental health services that preserve privacy and confidentiality.

We offer hundreds of cross-linked consumer information web pages about mental health professionals, psychotherapy and mental health topics. We train and support our members in presenting their professional practices on the Internet and in their communities.

Principles of AMHA
Client choice, privacy, preservation of psychotherapy.

The Horizon for Family Mental Health Screening, Intervention, Referral, Monitoring, Research and Community Needs Assessment
Article discusses internet utility - present and future for mental health needs.

Connecting to the Commons
Finding comfort in professional relationship.